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A High Impact Workshop Empowering Business Owners to Successfully Promote, Profit and Protect

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Debbie H.
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“There are so many different topics that any business owner could benefit from.”
Randall M.
“It’s worth the investment of your time and the money is irrelevant compared to the value you are going to get by attending an event like this.”
Brendon C.
“It’s really opened up my eyes to ways I can expand and get my name out there with my business, make connections and take my marketing to the next level.”

Experience a dynamic workshop empowering business owners to drive growth, maximize profits, and safeguard future success using the 3Ps


Ever feel like you’re working your tail off but not seeing the results you want in your business? It's like there's a never-ending list of tasks and not enough hours in the day to tackle them all.

Let me tell you something ... you've reached a point where being a hard worker isn't enough. You've proven that you can run your business successfully, but no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears you pour into it, you just can't break through to that next level.

Well fear not! It's time to take a time-out from your day-to-day and shake things up. At the Business Accelerator Workshop, you’ll take a deep dive into the 3Ps (Promote, Profit and Protect) to boost your business while leveraging the expertise of our seasoned presenters. And while we can't magically add more hours to the day, there are strategies and solutions that can help you overcome any challenge. It's time to take control and transform your business into the powerhouse it deserves to be. Register today, and let's make it happen!


So, what’s in it for YOU?

Experience the Business Accelerator 3-day Workshop, a transformative live event that unveils the knowledge, tools, skills, and guidance necessary to propel your business from its current state to the desired destination. Immerse yourself in a fast-paced, content-rich retreat led by highly sought-after business trainers who specialize in critical growth areas.

This extraordinary opportunity unfolds at our cutting-edge training and support facility located in Orem, Utah, in close proximity to renowned resorts such as Park City Mountain and Robert Redford's Sundance Ski Resort.

This isn't just another event to attend; it's a hands-on workshop focused on immediate implementation, providing you with actionable strategies that yield tangible results. This isn't just another event to attend; it's a hands-on workshop focused on immediate implementation, providing you with actionable strategies that yield tangible results. Leave behind mere theories and embrace a workshop dedicated to delivering real, impactful profits at the next level.

During our Workshop, we will delve into the following game-changing best practices that have the potential to revolutionize your business:

  • Implement 7 profit-accelerating strategies for immediate results in 2024
  • Harness the power of social media marketing to attract more customers and leads
  • Enhance your leadership skills to excel with employees and partners
  • Optimize your GOOGLE local business listing to drive increased business
  • Master the art of creating ads, landing pages, and compelling copy to drive traffic
  • Utilize negotiation and ethical sales tactics to boost your sales
  • Network and forge deals with top business owners and leaders nationwide
  • And much more!

Upcoming events in 2024

Upcoming Events

3-day schedule

February 26-28  ●  March 25-27  ●  April 15-17


Generate More Customers and Revenues


Boost Your Sales


Increase Your Bottomline


Sharpen Your Edge with AI


Protect Your Assets


Kevin O’Leary


Take Action and Wrap-up


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“A thousand percent I would recommend attending the Business Accelerator workshop. And I’ll probably be back again just because there is so much information!”

– Angela G. (AG Branding, LLC)


How many people can come to the Business Accelerator 3-day workshop?
Each workshop is limited to about one hundred total participants. We have found that a more intimate experience helps create lasting change and better networking opportunities for attendees.
Can I bring a partner, spouse or guest with me?
Yes, but there are only a few limited spaces for you to bring your right-hand person. These seats are offered on a first come, first served basis so simply ask us how we can help. You might ask yourself: “who is the best person to help me implement the things I will learn?”
What do you provide when I attend?
As our guest, our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible during the 3 days. We provide meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), coffee and drinks, travel to and from your hotel, note paper, pen, and of course... a fun, comfortable and educational experience. As a current client, you may also enjoy a travel voucher that supplements some travel costs.
What is Kevin O’Leary’s role in this workshop?
Kevin O’Leary is a partner and strategic advisor to Tax Hive (a Business Accelerator sponsor) and plays an active role in the business. He appears live via zoom or on pre-recorded video in most of the workshops and offers current and relevant advice to attendees.
What do I bring with me to maximize my experience?
We suggest you come with questions and concerns you hope to get answered during the workshop. Bring a light sweater or jacket so you can be comfortable.
I want to stay a few extra days, what’s there to do in Utah?
Utah boasts the “Greatest Snow on Earth” including the largest ski resort in the nation (Park City Mountain). In addition to Park City there are a dozen other world-class ski resorts, including Sundance and Deer Valley, within minutes of our training and support facility. Famous national parks like Zion, Arches and Canyonlands as well as the majestic Moab are all favorites for visitors. Some also enjoy visiting Salt Lake City and historic Temple Square. Just ask us and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction!